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Enter the city's dark side.
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SophiaCleanLA by NoremaCOu0
is folder acts as a place for reference if you can't be bothered re-drawing something. or if you just want to quickly do a rendering project then feel free to use stuff from here. though i would appreciate it if you properly credited me where ever you post it.

My Coloured Version: Sophia
Sophia by NoremaCOu0
i'll tell you a secret; i don't like misaki, well more accurately i don't like how she is portrayed for a character with such interesting potential; as such i'm actually quite glad kamachi decided to make a book focusing on her. now she may get the respect she deserves.

apologies are way over due for not being active. it's not that i haven't been drawing but it's just that i can't post the stuff. i may share some concept art or promotional imagery at a later date (Think 2 years later) but then i'm concerned people would just steal my character designs. also it's not as clear but i did do some redrawing to expand the frame horizontally.

anyway i've said this about 25 times now but i endorse the use of my assets posted on this account within non-profit fan based third party projects, in other words "i want people to colour my line arts" and i'd appreciate it if anyone who uses my donations to the artist community to give proper credit where ever posted.

 P.S. i wanted to add more blue to add to the tone of the piece but then the yellow contrasts with the blue to create an ugly green. so thats why the piece is so desaturated, plus; I DON'T DO COLOURFUL...

Art Type: Fan Colouring/Redraw
Subject: Shokuhou Misaki, To aru Majutsu no Index: New Testement Volume 11

Original Image:…
Clean Redraw: SophiaCleanLA
Development Part-3/ Black Gold Saw by NoremaCOu0
Development Part-3/ Black Gold Saw
blah blah i'm not happy with my style and production process so i'm abandoning this style. why? for many reasons that come to light when reviewing my production process. also i felt it would be a waste not to post these, as i've got enough work that i just threw away for debatable reasons.

this is an example of when the colouring undermines the line art with most of the form being over stimulating and just looking rather ugly(especially with that over styalised sword) hell even the line art looks crowded. the colours look like completly different entites forced onto one another and most of the detail is lost due to the poor contrast. but my main gripe with my style is that theres nothing more to be done. i can only go so far with simple black lines and no matter how hard i try i won't learn anything beyond basic how to draw form, no tone experiment, i don't even touch backgrounds since they make it difficult to provide focus.

in short there will always be little room for improvement when i limit myself like this and as such i plan on working on a completly new style by taking notes from Huke. so expect great change within the remainder of the year.

don't get me wrong i still like this piece very much but i still consider myself a bad artist and in such a competitive scene i can't afford to be this lazy and sheltered. i've got to broaden my horizons some time. the main reason i'm posting these is so then i don't forget what i've learned doing these and also so then i can show you guys my general process very simular to the previous example except with this piece nearing completion and overall just being superiour to the over examples with the only issue being maybe her left leg but overall i think the line art is rather tastefull and achieves a good balence when coloured but still meets a stalemate when it becomes clear theres too much to look at. man my grammar sucks.

Part 1-…
Part 2-…
Subject: Black Gold Saw, Black Rock Shooter
Art Type: Original Sketches
Development Part-2// Meltdowner by NoremaCOu0
Development Part-2// Meltdowner
blah blah i'm not happy with my style and production process so i'm abandoning this style. why? for many reasons that come to light when reviewing my production process. also i felt it would be a waste not to post these, as i've got enough work that i just threw away for debatable reasons.

again this uses the same production style to establish and actively rework the form and composition of the subject as i was always moving the hair around and reworked the legs multiple times as apparent from the stages. the main appeal in my style is how i go about portraying the subjects form in it's most basic shape via simple lines with no tones, no brush work just simple lines. i also go beyond that with the vibrant and unorhtadox shapes being the form of expression for the subject with mugino's ominous arm and other subtle things with the way her hair is smooth but also sharp and her glare looks intimdating yet also pitiful all things that are undermined by attempts to colour it with the very process undermining itelf. 

in short the line art and colours work against each other, with neither of them able to share the spot light and even if balanced would just be too much like a charater with 12 arms theres just too much detail and not enough contrast for them both to utalise their full potential. as such i'll need to simplify things as well as experiment with new processes, but most importantly i should stop making the line art as thick black lines as it makes it difficult to flesh out the character.

Part 1-…
Part 3-…
Subject: Mugino Shizuri/ Meltdowner, to aru majutsu no index/ a certain magical index
Art Type: Original Sketches


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meh, i'll do it latter

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